Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking information requires copies of necessary documents such as proof of identification of all travelers within the group. 20% deposit of the package amount must be paid at the time of booking and remaining amount on arrival in Kathmandu. Failure to pay the remaining amount upon the arrival may cancel the service provided by company and even denial of the advance payment.

Modes Of Payment:

Deposit payment can be made through bank wire transfer or secure online payment system using all major credit cards.

We refund all the deposits if a cancellation letter is received by our staff by email or other mean 60 days prior to the starting day of trip otherwise may result in the forfeiture of deposit.

Unpredicted Circumstances:

Company do not take any responsibilities of the changes made due to any natural calamities, war or changes due to political or social condition of the country and holds the authority to change the schedule in condition of necessity.

Personal Belongings:

Company does not provide the security of the personal belongings. It’s traveler sole responsibility to guard their personal belongings.

Clients Responsibility:

Clients are suggested to have the insurance policy service as company won’t be responsible for any possible injury or death during trip. Travelers are advised to abide by rules and regulations and follow the instructions of guides and leaders during the expeditions.

Travel Insurance:

Clients are strongly advised to buy a comprehensive insurance policy before the trip making sure that the company covers all medical, personal accident, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation including helicopter rescue, mountaineering hazards, loss or theft of valuables and flight cancellations.

Abiding the Law:

Travelers are requested to abide the Law as violation of national rules and laws results in the legal prosecution. Company holds the authority to end service without even refunding the trip cost of any travelers found to be indulged in any criminal activities.

Required Documents:

Travel insurance, vaccinations, and visas required by Nepal and/or the traveler home nation are the sole responsibility of the client.

Amendment of Tour Cost:

Company holds the dominance to revise the tour cost with prior notification. The price may be amended sometimes due to unfortunate events like weather conditions, political changes etc.

Incomplete Tour:

Company bears no obligation in the cancellation of the trip during the expedition. The company reserves right to dismiss the deposits and payments made for the trips no matter at what point of time the trip is canceled during the expedition.


We are registered with the Nepal Government and abides all the government rules and regulation policies.
Any legal case against this company should be filed in a Nepal Court under Nepal Governments rules regulations for legal treatment.