Clothing and Equipments

The climate of the Tibet fluctuates continuously so it is better to carry warm clothes. If you just want to trek at a lower altitude, fleece jackets and pants are enough. While for a higher altitude trekking, down jackets are necessary.

List of clothes includes:

• A woolen hat that can cover your ears
• Long sleeved cotton shirts/blouses
• Heavy woolen sweater/polar fleece jacket & lightweight wool sweater/polar fleece pullover
• Waterproof and wind proof jackets and pants for in some places the wind can be very strong and cold
• Synthetic or Down Insulated Jacket rated to at least -7 degrees C (approximately 20 degrees F)
• Light scarf or neckerchief
• Cotton walking shorts for hot days (knee-length or almost knee-length), one pair of polar fleece pants.
• A pair of cotton long pants and a long cotton skirt is recommended for women
• Trekking trousers should be light and quick drying.
• Gaiters
• Long Thermal Underwear
• Woolen or synthetic gloves, preferably Wind Fleece Gloves
• Good quality socks, preferably woolen for your hiking boots, and also some thin cotton socks

Trekking Gears includes:

• Good light-weight sleeping bag
• Sun glasses with UV protection and goggles for higher altitude
• Drinking water bottle
• Torch or headlamp with spare batteries and bulb
• Water purification tablets
• Water bottles
• Walking poles
• Sturdy and well fitted back pack and day pack with water proof cover
• First aid kit
• Lip and skin protection product
• A couple of small towels – the more absorbent the better
• Toilet kit: Just the essentials—toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, biodegradable soap and small metal mirror
• Camera and spare batteries
• Journal, reading book and writing materials for quiet moments
• Money pouch: Safer than a wallet for keeping your passport, money, and valuable papers
• Snack foods: Nuts, chocolate bars, dried fruit, hard candies, and beef jerky
• Sewing kit: For repair
• Gaiters: Good for winter treks or wet conditions
• Umbrella: For rain and hot sunshine
• Plastic bags