Why Travel in Tibet?

Why Travel in Tibet?


Roads Less Traveled:

Tibet is the mysterious land for many people as very less travel to Tibet. This provides you with the opportunity to explore the mysterious land with the welcoming hospitality of the Tibetan people.

Exotic Scenery:

Tibet offers the spectacular view of snowcapped mountains and beautiful glaciers. As you reach the high elevation you feel sky just above your head and can be touched by hand.

Untainted Land:

Tibet has remained untainted due to its geography. The environment here is very pleasant and less polluted.

Ancient Culture:

For many travelers, Tibet is the most spiritual place they will ever find in the entire world in their lifetime. Locked away in its mountain ranges of the Himalaya for thousands of years, this mysterious Buddhist kingdom has developed a unique society with its own cultures and religions.

Physical Challenge:

If you are the kind of person that wants to find your physical limits, then Tibet is a clean environment for outdoor exercise. There are many mountains made for hiking.

Spiritual Rejuvenation:

Most of Tibetans have a strong belief in their religion. So pilgrimage is a level of particular importance in Tibet. Pilgrims believe that walking clockwise around a sacred place is a way to accumulate their merit. Because Tibetan people are so religious and the environment is so pure Tibet can be a place to get away from modern life and contemplate spiritual life.

Convenient Transportation:

Tibet is no longer hard to reach as you imagine! Huge improvements in Tibet’s transport infrastructure over the last few years have removed much of the discomfort of getting onto this high plateau.